Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We are feeling yucky. Thomas has a random tooth coming through, so he's running a low-grade fever. Joshua has a runny nose, which means he gets to have a nebulizer treatment at least every morning. The other night he woke up coughing so violently he threw up...that was neat. I have a great head cold that would be easily controlled could I take anything to help. Tylenol just doesn't cut it. It seems we're on the mend, but our days are slower and we are all a little grouchy.

Dan took a new job at the Guard. After much deliberation, he just accepted it today. The upside is that on his weekends there he'll be making more money and he'll be at a job where he has more of a chance for promotions. The downside is that he will leave for training for 8 weeks. At first they wanted him to go in June, and he and I decided that would be just too much with 4 kids under 4. They've delayed it a bit (a bit) so that we are more settled. I won't post when he's leaving, just for my sense of security, but if you want to come over for dinner, get out of the house, or just plain have some time alone with 4 kids...let me know! I think Dan's excited for the possibilities and will try and fly home at least once during those 8 weeks as there are many big events he'll be missing during his absence.

We got news today that our house is on schedule! The bank declined our extension request (a bit infuriating since they took 2 weeks to accept our offer and are now saying we have to pay $150 a day for every day we are late). The VA is working feverishly (I hope) to get things together and done. As of now we should close on the 24th. Dan will be painting and cleaning the new house after work the 25th and 26th. Anyone willing to help would be greatly appreciated since I'm not allowed to be around the paint. We are planning on moving the 28th. A crew will stay here and clean this place and another crew will do the moving. Let me know if you want to join a crew! I'm not sure where I'll be since I can't do any lifting and need to some periodic sitting (probably more sitting after trying to do all those last minute packing details).

That's the update from here! Pictures soon, I promise!


Carissalayla said...

Amber I wish I could help, but if I make it to the Palouse in summer I will come see you and your cutie expanding family and of course hold babies!

Kait T said...

I would love to help pack - I don't think I'll be able to do any moving, painting or cleaning though. Let me know if you want some packing help and we'll make it a play date! :)