Friday, February 6, 2009


A couple days ago it was beautiful and sunny so I took the boys to the vacant lot beside the house to let them sled down the small hill. It's absolutely perfect for them. I grabbed a camping chair out of the van and took pictures from my chair while they went up and down the little slope. They loved it! Sledding has about come to an end. There is still a lot of snow up here on the South Hill, but it'll be melting quickly with these warmer temperatures...we're happy to say good-bye!

The house inspection was on Thursday. This inspection was for us only. People ask how it went and I don't know how to respond. I'm not sure what good inspection looks like vs a bad inspection. The VA will come in and do their appraisal this week, and that's the one that matters, so we'll see what they say. Our closing date is still projected at February 24th. If the VA cannot get it done before then we accrue a horrific $150/day fee for every day we are late. Keep your fingers crossed that everything is done in time! We're really pushing on our end! We went tonight and took measurements of each room trying to figure out where all furniture will go. I have been packing and making sure that everything is labeled with an appropriate room since I won't be able to do any moving myself. Speaking of which, if you want to come to our moving party (Feb 28th hopefully), let me know! We'd love to have you! If you don't want to move, but want to clean, there will be a crew here cleaning too. And we'll be painting and cleaning the new house Feb 25-27th. I'll be checking with my doctor on what I'm actually allowed to do, but extra hands will not be denied.

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Kait T said...

I will be there! And if it's agter 1:30pm my husband will be there too :)