Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Current Happenings

The fact that I cannot get up as quickly and am tired more frequently has not escaped the boys, here are some of their current tricks and sneaky behavior:

Peeling hard-boiled the shower
Sneaking an entire pack of cookie dough into his room and eating it...twice
Writing in chalk and crayon on the kitchen wall and floor
Drinking his water-color water
Placing miscellaneous items in the fridge (tupperware, paper, crayons, etc.)
Cleaning the toilet with the toilet wand
Carrying raw eggs around the house in a tea kettle
Writing all over face and body with chalk

Peeling eggs...oops, not hard-boiled, raw!
Sticking chalk in his underwear and running around the house leaving it where ever it falls

Jumping off top bunk to reach a balloon that had traveled into their room...yes they finally got it!

The iron pills are making me extremely nauseous and putting me in a lot of pain, but the upside is that I have more energy. I'm working on changing around the dosage and timing so I feel better for more periods of the day (like today). THEN, hopefully I can get a hold on this behavior! Luckily, they are being nice together. Should I just throw up my hands and call it brotherly bonding? :)


Linda Holbrook said...

Oh my gosh! What a handful! You seem to handle it in good spirits, though :)

Nicole said...

The toilet cleaning could come in handy...encourage that one!

Trippleaaa said...

Sounds like boys :) I hope you get things figured out with your meds! I would probably let them enjoy themselves, as long as they are getting along!

Juli said...

Oh wow! They are definitely full of it. :) Good luck!

Carissalayla said...

I took my iron pills at night and mostly slept through any yucky side effects, are you giving anymore thought to the name Carissa :), btw I am still using your recipes all the time, you saved me!

Kait T said...

This made me laugh... boys!