Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why should you NOT take your 3 year old to your doctor appointments?

The #1 reason NOT to take your kiddos to the OB appointments is that they see you pee in a cup. This, in itself, is not a big deal. The fact that Thomas remembered and decided to attempt it today IS a big deal. He missed. And not a little bit. He managed to spray just about the entire floor including his clothing and his stuffed animal he had drug in. Nice.

The days have been rough lately. I'm hoping it's either just a rough spell or the end of the pregnancy...either way, I'm hoping it will pass. We've been playing in fresh snow. This is made more difficult by the fact that Joshua hates keeping his gloves on, but is too cold with them off. And he enjoys going to the furthest corner in the yard and slipping off a boot, leaving it there and trudging inside. It's painful. However, I DO have cute snow pictures that I'll try and add shortly. The boys are mischievious and full of energy. They are quite the pair.

We've been researching and trying to find a preschool for the Fall. The boys are ready. We've visited two this week. The first one was awful, but the boys were upset to leave anyway. Today's preschool was fantastic and the boys were even more upset to leave. I believe the director might have been ready for us to leave though as Thomas body-checked Joshua as we were chatting. Nice. They are excited now to go, but not so sure about the fact that I will not be at school with them. That will be a big change for them.

The house is coming along slowly but surely. And by slowly I mean we should be able to feel completely moved in by the time our children graduate from high school.


Kim said...

He tried to pee in a cup!? OMG!

I know what you mean about moving in. I finally started to feel like we'd finish soon and then our kitchen disaster happened. And not things are all over the place again. Did I mention we moved in 2.5 years ago?! Good luck!

Jolene said...

Tell me about the preschools! That's exciting.

Had to laugh out loud about the cup incident. :)

Tiffany said...

Jaeden was dunking my hairbrush in the toilet yesterday morning, kinda compares right? :)

I also know what you mean about the moving in thing too. Since we moved from our apt into a house almost 2 months ago and now are moving to Missouri in possibly less then 2 weeks, I'm not all that thrilled about that. I hate packing and unpacking. Going on trips I don't pack until the night before/morning of and it takes me forever to unpack when we get back home! :)

I hope you're feeling better soon and things aren't so rough!