Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We've Been Busy....And Tired!

A little update. In an effort to keep some sanity, we've kept the weekends full of activities so the boys get lots of attention. During the weekdays, we do a lot of activities at the home base to conserve energy. Here's some of the things we've been up to:

A trip to Jump 'N Play with cousins and family. The boys had an absolute blast. And it wore them and me out! After Jump 'N Play, we took the boys through an automatic car wash. I have gone through one maybe twice in my life, so it was exciting for everyone in the car. The boys were enthralled with the brushes and colored soap. AND, my brown van...is actually blue! The boys now constantly ask to go through the car wash!

We also took the boys to Mobius where there was a Spokane Symphony Petting Zoo. The petting zoo wasn't well organized, but the boys were excited to play the violin again. Thomas really enjoys the sports centers, and Joshua was thrilled to be a bee again. He asked me repeatedly to take pictures of his stinger so he could look at them on the camera! :) We then went over to Riverfront Park to the 100th birthday of the carousel. The boys got balloon animals, cake, and several rides on the carousel. They were thrilled! Dan and Kim even got the gold ring! Woo-hoo! After a rest at home, we went to a birthday dinner and then went up to a BBQ. It was a busy day!!!!

The boys new favorite thing is to have daddy make them paper hats and "microscopes" (telescopes). New ones are made every day. These are also their 41 month pictures. At some point, do I stop doing monthly pictures?! I can't seem to!

On Monday we went swimming on base. The boys were sooooo thrilled to not only get out of the house on a weekday, but to interact with other kids AND play in the water!

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Linda Holbrook said...

My kids LOVE the automatic carwash. They seriously ask to go through it at least once or twice every week.