Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where is spring?

Still chilly and cold, but we're surviving. It's been a busy couple days for the Domrese Family. Friday the boys and I hung out at home, but in the afternoon a couple friends stopped by to visit. This is a friend of mine from high school, and we try to meet up fairly regularly (mainly when she's visiting Spokane). Her daughter was born only a month after the boys, so we've tried to take pictures of them together as they've been growing up.

This morning we got up and got moving right away. We have attended the St. Patrick's Day Parade every year since the boys were born.. Usually, Dan is at work and meets us for a few minutes before heading back. With his new job, only few Saturday's are needed, so we went as a family. He was surprised at all that I packed, but grateful for the blankets, chairs, etc when we got downtown and the ground was covered with snow. The boys loved the parade and got lots of "choking hazards." I reteach the concept of choking hazards at every parade we go to and the boys are really good about separating the bad candy from the good and knowing that I'll exchange it for good candy when we get home. We randomly ran into our friends the Shefflers (also friends from high school) and the kids enjoyed each other during the parade (rather Joshua enjoyed sitting on Eva's lap during the parade).

After the parade we got our season passes for Riverfront Park, grabbed some lunch, and went back downtown for a birthday party at the carousel. The boys have been begging to ride the horsies and were really excited to be there. Nonetheless it was Anna's birthday party (Joshua will tell you this is his best friend), so Joshua was in hog heaven. At one point he went over, grabbed her hand, took her for a walk, kissed and hugged her, and took her to open her presents. CUTE!

Now that we're home from all the festivities we're exhausted and ready for bed. Joshua didn't make it past 7:30 PM! Tomorrow we are skipping church and resting up. A much needed day for the Domrese Family. Here are some pictures to catch you up.

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