Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hello Spring!!!!

Today was the first day it has actually felt like spring. It was beautiful! While we were slow getting up we were still able to meet up with the Butterfields at Riverfront Park. The boys (and I) had an absolute blast. All the rides were open so we enjoyed the airplanes (which they were able to maneuver for the first time), the Octopus (with Jay), mini-golf, and of course, the carousel. It might be the last time I ride the carousel as I couldn't get far enough back in the saddle to not hit my tummy on the pole. :) After Riverfront Park, we even managed to get to Burlington Coat Factory to get the boys' new carseats. We spent the rest of the afternoon planting seeds for the garden, blowing bubbles, and visiting with family. What a great day!

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