Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunshine Makes Us Happy!

It has been absolutely beautiful outside lately. We've really started to enjoy the parks again...HOORAY! One of our favorite parks has a sand volleyball pit. The boys LOVE it and it means I can sit and read and watch them play! Today we got home and I convinced Dan to give the boys a hose. They had a BLAST! Dan and I sat and laughed hysterically as they first poured cups of water on their toys, but eventually had a full-fledged water fight. Even better was Thomas getting Dan with a big cup of water. Even better is that playing outside and the heat gives us some great nap/rest times!

Joshua's allergies have perked up a bit for the last couple days. He was so tired a couple nights ago that he actually fell asleep during his breathing treatment. I thought it was so cute I had to take a picture. :)
**Blogger still won't let me flip pictures, but I wanted to add them, so this will have to do for now!


HJohnson said...

If you open the pics up in "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer" you can flip them and then post them with blogger. Very cute picture. We have been enjoying the weather too, although!!

In-Vitro Here We Come! said...

Not even sure where that is on this laptop. I'm still figuring pictures out. They all look right on the hard drive and then when I put them in the blog, they are turned sideways. Dan's worked on it too. Very frustrating.

HJohnson said...

If you upload the pics to a folder on your computer first and then click on the pics to look at them, you can right click on the thumbnail and click on open with and it'll give you options, click on Windows Picture and Fax Viewer and it will open in a bigger window with buttons at the bottom--there should be a button with a couple of arrows that are curving one to the left and one the right. Click on the way you need to flip and wait a moment and it should change. Then upload the pics to your blog from that folder and they should be the right direction--good luck!