Monday, October 12, 2009


I am feeling very betrayed. By my body. We had a deal. No getting sick while Dan is gone. I thought this was a very fair deal. Apparently I was wrong. And in actuality I'm doing fairly well. A slight fever with a sore throat...not bad. The kids, on the other hand, not fairing as well. I took them into the doctor today after 3 days of fevers just to make sure I was not under-reacting.

Joshua- Stayed with auntie Angie and cousin Kierra and got some quality time in. Poor kid needed it. He had one day of a fever of 99.5 and was over it. Those strong Domrese genes!

Thomas- Ear infection (his first..actually the first of any of our kids). A throat spotted with blisters (poor kid) and a nice temperature (kept between 101-102 with Motrin AND Tylenol). Thomas typically spikes to 104.3 with any fever and may or may not begin to seize if I don't keep it down. This is the first time it's been manageable. PHEW! Still, he's got that glassy-eyed look and is just lethargic. He basically naps all day long and cries because he's so achy his clothes hurt when they touch him. :(

Molly- Totally fine. One temperature reading of 99.5 and she is good to go. Teething like a fiend, but not complaining. In fact, she's most neglected and fell asleep in the jumperoo today as I was trying to get the other three dressed and ready to go! Poor baby!!!

Kaitlyn- Just started a temperature of 102 degrees today. A slight runny nose. Feeling tired and grumpy, just wants mommy (nothing new there!). Unfortunately she is also vomiting just a touch so keeping the Motrin down for the fever is very difficult. I mixed it with apple juice earlier and she kept that down (as she can't over eat from a bottle).

As you can see, life is crazy here right now. 4 sick children. Really? I signed up for this? True, true, I did. These are the days that I remind myself how lucky I am. I got chosen. I was chosen to have two sets of twins. I would have begged for these days during the three years that we tried month after month to conceive naturally. So I take it as best I can and know that tomorrow is bound to be better. AND, at least I'm getting lots and lots of snuggles, right?!

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Carissalayla said...

you always have such a great attitude even during fevers and vomiting!