Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Traditions

Today was a day of Halloween traditions. The good thing is that sometimes we have to shove it all in one day, but because Halloween is on Saturday, we got to spread it out this year!

Every year we visit grandma Patti's office at the Health District. I don't generally get a picture, but this time I did! It was a visit filled with tantrums and humiliating crying sessions, but we left on a good note.

We then go to Ba's office (Aunt Kim). We meet up with Cousin Kierra (who is a caterpillar this year). How tough is it to get a picture of 5 kids age 4 and under? Impossible!

After lunch and a napping session, we hit the road again. What happens next is my favorite Halloween tradition. We first stopped by greatma's. She lives in a retirement/apartment facility. We've gone every year since the boys were born. It's so fun to hear the oooohs and aaahhhs when we walk in and the boys say trick-or-treat. The people we so excited to see them and sad they didn't have candy that they boys were being given money! :) Here is a progression of photos from our years with greatma.

Next we grabbed dinner and went to great grandma Alice and great grandpa Lyle's house. We've also done this every year since the boys were born. We don't generally do the dinner part but because of timing and the babes needing out it was a perfect fit! Thanks great grandparents! Here is another progression of photos from those visits (except the first year when grandpa forgot he didn't have a memory card in...oops!).

All in all, a VERY busy day with VERY tired children. Some parts were hilarious, some awful, and some just downright devastating. But, memories were made and issues conquered. We'll live to do it again!

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