Sunday, October 18, 2009


The week of misery has ended. We are 48 hours fever free. PHEW! The road to recovery appears long, but we just keep trudging along hoping everyday is better. We now deal with the residual cough and pray that this portion goes quickly and easily and does not turn into a secondary infection (such as pneumonia). Katie and Molly are really the only ones I'm worried about, although we all have the cough.

It's been a crazy week of being shut indoors. Finally the weather started to perk up and we got outside for a while every day. And today we got to go to a friends house for a cookie making playdate. Really I took the girls and put them to sleep while she made cookies with the 5 other kids. Thanks Beth! I was a much better mama after some adult conversation. After a little rest time, Ba (Aunt Kim) came over for dinner and conversation. This time the conversation was not adult but the boys talking and performing for Kim. They've obviously felt the affects of not seeing anyone for a week! Thanks Ba!

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