Thursday, July 1, 2010

14 Months

Whoops! Did June just fly by me?! It's been a little nuts around here! June 21st the girls turned 14 months. What's different about this age?

Can you remember this time last year?

How about just 6 months ago?

I am in total love with this stage in life. The girls are just plain fun.

Katie is a handful. That girl is on the go. She still loves her mommy more than anyone else, and for this moment, it's endearing. She says, "mama, dada, Molly, Joshua, dinosaur" and probably a few more. She loves Thomas more than words can say. When he wakes up, she runs to him and he picks her up and swings her in circles. It's a favorite moment of my day. Katie likes to play soccer. She likes to sing and be a part of every conversation. Frequently in the car, I am forced to halt a conversation with the boys because I can't hear them over Katie's yelling chatter. Katie loves the pool. We have a little kiddie pool and she will spend the majority of her day playing in it with just a couple inches of water. She cracks herself up!

Molly is still my little relaxed kiddo. But, cross her or get her frustrated and she goes to a screeching terror in no time flat. It could be something big like she fell down or something as minor as her cookie is sideways in her hand. She loves to dance. Loves loves loves it. And she's fun to watch! She loves to make faces and experiments with sounds all the time. She can say "mama, dada, Joshua, Tara (our neighbor), Karl (our neighbors dog), dog, nose, no-no, nigh-nigh, dance, gramma, sand" and probably some more as well. She loves her daddy. He makes her smile and can calm her in an instant.

The girls are both running and playing and just a real joy to watch. It's amazing how fast time flies and how they are changing from babies to toddlers. I absolutely love this stage in life. They play independently and yet they still want to be carried and snuggled. The day I no longer have a baby on my hip will be a sad day for this mama. It's one of my favorite parts of the job.

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