Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Photo Frenzy

Oops! It appears I've taken tons of pictures, done lots of fun things, and neglected to blog...again. Such is the life with four young kids I guess.

This week we went with our mommy & me group to an open gymnastics session. The kids just played and played. Thomas climbed the net really really high and then fell into the pit of foam blocks. Joshua just ran and ran and tried to perform tricks.

We've had some great times playing with the neighbor kids. The boys got to try on a variety of hats and played with Lily (6) and Rowan (2).

Last night we BBQ-ed at grandma and grandpa's house and played with cousins. Now that Thomas is riding without training wheels (HOORAY!) he can keep up with his cousins. And Joshua can now ride without training wheels too (HOORAY!) but chooses not to (BOO!). The girls loved playing with cousin Natalie!

Macey and Molly had a great time playing piano!

Grandpa Lyle is not doing very well and getting weaker and weaker. We are attempting to soak up all of our time with this wonderful man as possible.We visited this week and Molly was obsessed that he had a cane. She loved it! The girls both enjoyed the fact that when he touched their noses, he whistled. This is a grandpa Lyle thing and they both would lean in for it! So cute!

We had a family day at Riverfront Park and had a blast! The boys loved being able to ride the rides and I, for once, got to ride too! The girls are big enough to ride several rides and thoroughly enjoyed the strawberries. No one except mommy enjoyed the octopus, even though we all rode. Oops!

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