Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fire Truck Meets the Domrese Family

We decided to forgo the weekly pediatrician appointment once again and instead opted for a visit from the fire truck. We were gone all morning and played outside once we returned home. All kids were sent inside for nap time. I put the girls down quickly and then went to help the boys get settled when I heard the beeping. Coming from the girls' room. Uh oh. I went inside, interrupting nap time. After fiddling with the carbon monoxide detector I decided to give Dan a call. He had no advice, so I got on the internet and looked up the general number for the fire department to get some advice. They advised me to get a truck sent out to check so that the girls could get a worry-free nap. The fire truck showed up quickly and upon entering had this to say...

"Wow, that's a lot of kids. Are these ALL yours?"

Yup. I know I have a lot of kids. And I know they are all crying. It's nap time and I'm keeping them up.

After checking with their personal carbon monoxide machine, it was determined that my machine is dysfunctional and needs to be replaced (after one year). So they left, the girls are down for their nap. I'm checking them frequently, still a little freaked out by the entire experience. A new machine will be purchased this evening and put in each of the children's rooms.

Fire Department, welcome to the Domrese household. :)

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