Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Too Much TV?

It would appear we are watching too much tv. I do not deny the boys watch tv so that I can get chores accomplished in the morning. Getting everyone dressed, sunscreened, and the main living areas just minimally picked up? The tv is very helpful. Although recently maybe they've watched too much?

As I was doing laundry, Thomas came  in and looked in the laundry cupboard. "Mommy, is that Oxyclean? Do you have tough stains? Oxyclean gets the tough stains out. Leaves nothing behind but shine." Oops!!!!

Then later this week in the car Thomas was holding a Chuck E Cheese ticket and saying, "Go to chuck e cheese dot com and enter your code for prizes and activities." Oops!

Hopefully his preschool/Kindergarten teacher can teach everything in commercials. If so, Thomas will be a rocket scientist! ;)


Jolene said...

That's really funny!

Once Vanessa watched a plumbing product commercial and spent the next 5 minutes trying to convince me we needed to buy it, and gave me all the reasons and said they'd give me something FREE too! :P

Jeannette said...

Charlie told me about some product we should buy that's machine washable. A phrase he could have only learned on tv. Oops.