Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Last Pediatrician Visit of 2010

The pediatrician was nice enough to say, "It's the last time you'll see us this year!" As if that makes our Friday visits any better. Yes, I realize today's not Friday, but tomorrow is a holiday so we had to go a day early, right?

I should take a picture of Katie for you, but it seems mean. The girl is miserable. I had her double dosed (as in Motrin AND Tylenol) when we arrived at the doctor's office so her fever was gone. But her oxygen readings were low (read: dangerously low) and she has an ear infection. We were sent home with a prescription and instructions to use the nebulizer as needed. The girl came home, played, fell asleep nursing, and then woke up with a raging fever. She's currently stuck at 103 degrees. Her eyes are glassy, her face is sad, and she's just miserable. We dosed and then snuggled through the hours until bedtime finally came. Down she went without a fight.

Luckily the other kids seem to be doing fine, but that poor girl is a mess. At least we can take comfort in knowing it was our last visit of the year! ;)

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