Saturday, December 25, 2010

We Live A Blessed Life

We might not have stacks of toys under the tree (each child got two gifts, one from a sibling and one from parents). We might not live in the best house, drive the best cars, or wear the best clothes. But we live a very blessed life. Our family is amazing. Our friends are amazing. Our life is amazing. It was all brought into perspective as Joshua said grace at breakfast this morning for the whole Domrese clan. It was short sweet and to the point thanking God for giving us Jesus and being thankful for Santa and Christmas.

The girls got pajamas from the Richards grandparents. Super cute. Molly loves Spongebob!

Although we all had fevers and no one felt real great we continued on through the celebrations with lots of rest times and tons of Tylenol. Christmas Eve we went to the Richards house (sans a sick sick daddy) and enjoyed a nice dinner, a visit from Santa Bob, and presents. When the children awoke Christmas morning (Katie at 5:30 and everyone else at 7:30) we opened our gifts from Santa and then opened gifts from each other.

Domrese Family Christmas 2010:

Christmas in front of the tree:


Carissalayla said...

you have a great family but I think you know that already!

Domrese Family Blog said...

I do LOVE my family!

Angela said...

yes, yes and yes! (and our girls each received three gifts...until the grandparents came into the picture...I am not even going to type how much they received then!) You guys do an amazing job with your kids - and they are amazing kids. Even if you didn't have two sets of twins, I would be impressed. well done to both of you! :)