Thursday, December 9, 2010

What? You Don't Dine with Spiderman?

Tonight was Dan's military Christmas party at Old Spaghetti Factory. I was meeting Dan from work, so the task of getting out the door takes longer. Luckily my mom had stopped by to lend a hand and visit, but what transpired could not have been anticipated. Problems always arise, so giving myself a full hour to get ready seemed a good idea.

Kid #1- Joshua- Ready in 5 minutes. Perfect. 55 minutes left for 3 kids, making good time!

Kid #2- Molly- Ready in 10 minutes. Good enough! Not a big fan of being unable to see her shoes light up, but she'll deal. Still another 45 minutes for two kids...on a roll here!
Kid #3- Katie- She really likes to screw with me. Diaper? Must be specific. She went through the entire bin of diapers looking for the best one. (It's a toss-up between Elmo and Cookie Monster so I think she was looking for a diaper with both). Finally the diaper was good. Pants? Cords to match Molly? I think NOT! Yes, black stretch pants, those are key (and do not go with the outfits at all, but whatever). Well, that only took 20 minutes. No problem, 25 minutes for the last kid and he's already dressed!

Kid #4- Thomas- Always my straggler. Always. But since he was already dressed, all we had to do was add some socks and shoes and we were golden! BUT...Thomas decided he wanted his soccer socks. Oh well, not worth a battle, go for it kid. I left him to get on shoes and a jacket. When I came back 10 minutes later, I was shocked at what I found. Thomas had disappeared! And in his place? Spiderman!! He had put on his Spiderman costume. I shrugged my shoulders and decided that leaving on time with happy kids was more important than kids that were properly dressed.

So...we left 5 minutes earlier than expected and all kids were happy enough! I'll take it! What? You don't dine with Spiderman? You should...he's a cutie!


Carissalayla said...

I want pictures!

Lyndsey said...

Yes, actually I do dine with Spiderman =)