Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santa #1

Yesterday was Dan's Guard Family Christmas party. It's one of our most favorite Christmas parties to go to. We have a potluck with all Dan's coworkers and then head to the hangar for the party. This year the kids got to explore a KC-135.

Climb a rock wall...

Play Bingo (Thomas won an airplane toy), do a cakewalk (Thomas and Molly both won cakes), eat snacks, play in two jumpy houses, and other fun stuff! It's such a good time for kids (and adults!).

This is our first Santa visit this year. It did NOT go well...

After sitting on Santa's lap, each kid got a stocking full of toys. On the way home, Joshua exclaimed, "He's not real! That Santa was not real!" I asked him why he said that. He remarked, "I just opened my stocking and there's a toy gun in there! Real Santa would know you don't like toy guns. He wasn't a real Santa." Good logic. Couldn't really argue with him.

Right after we got in the car, still on base, we looked over and there were three deer by our van! We, obviously, were noisy in pointing them out and they ran, but we chased and took pictures. The kids were in heaven!

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Eve Suhling said...

Elsie was the same way with Santa, I'm sure she will be crying when we go to the official one next week! Love the pictures of the deer, have you guys driven out to Medical Lake? They are EVERYWHERE! You should do that when the weather gets better, they don't run from you out there either! So neat!