Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cougars and Seahawks

Dan was given a Seahawks blanket a couple years ago (Christmas 2009) as a gift. Molly immediately became enthralled with it. It has since become her blanket.

Now, the blanket is tattered and torn, but she absolutely loves it. I recently found them at BB&B and decided to wait until it was necessary. Tonight it became necessary. Her blanket got some of a nap-time blow-out and it would be impossible to wash by bedtime. So, to the store we went.

She was so happy when we got home.

What I failed to realize was the Katie thought she had one too. Meltdown occurs. Poor kid! So, off to the store Dan went with his coupon for another blanket. There weren't many choices. It was a) Chicago Bears- the second best choice, b) Cougs, c) Gonaga- a horrid bright red color, d) Nascar. So WSU won out.

Katie is sooooo happy.

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