Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good Friends

Today we had a playdate with some friends from mama's childhood days. I've known both Nicole and Jenn since middle school (so we were what, 12-13???) That means we've been friends for about 20 years. They both live about 20 minutes away (opposite ways mind you), so we met in the middle and had a playdate today. The kids are pretty spread out, Thomas and Joshua are the oldest at 5 1/2, Savannah is 2 1/2, Katie and Molly are nearly 2, and Emerson and Mallory (more twins!) are 9 months.

We had so much fun though. The kids played and played and had a great time. We adults were able to sit and chat and visit. Oh, I can't wait for our next playdate!

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Nicole said...

Ahh, I made it on your blog. :) We had a great time playing with you guys! It's always so fun to get together with old friends. Let's make a habit out of it.