Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Newest Obsession

Our newest obsession may surprise you. It's helmets. Katie and Molly just got their first helmets, so the obsession is easy. The boys generally wear their helmets outside because they ride their bikes and forget to take them off. I find it all very comforting. Everything is better with a helmet, right?

Katie riding her new scooter and wearing her new helmet. Who says we have to give them their birthday presents ON their birthday? :)

Molly wearing her new helmet and riding the scooter, although she lost interest fast, so this is the only pic I could get!

Thomas wearing his helmet at the park (he had ridden his bike there and just left it on). Where did my little baby boy go???

Katie pulling Molly home from the park. Katie pulled the wagon the entire way and refused any help! What a big girl! Molly could have cared less and enjoyed her Chex Mix and chocolate milk the entire way home. :)

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