Friday, April 8, 2011

Adjusting an Almost 2-Year Old

The adventure began earlier this week. Katie went down the slide and landed on her bottom. Mind you the slide is maybe 2 feet at most off the ground and she landed in grass. But, she couldn't get up.The poor girl would try and then just break down in a heap on the ground. It took me 90 minutes to calm her and get her in a state of something less than hysteria. I had put Dan on stand-by at work, but decided since it was 5:00, the peds office would be closed and I was NOT doing another ER visit. She seemed to recover and do fine.

Fast forward to Friday. Thomas and Katie are playing something (arguing?) and she falls flat on her bottom. The girl comes unglued. She crawls around for a good while. She tries to stand but falls to the floor crying before even getting to her feet. After an hour of crying, I call the pediatrician with the knowledge that she likely broke/bruised her tailbone, but there was probably nothing they could do for it.

A call from the pediatrician confirms my thoughts. She likely broke/fractured her tailbone, but there is nothing they can do. We can do an xray, but it will change nothing. I opt out of the xray and trauma of that adventure and look for other options.

We went to a park and Katie appeared to manage alright, but you could see her sluggishly climb the stairs really putting one leg above the other. Her run was also a little off as her legs were coming together oddly. Putting her in her carseat has always been a nightmare, but now she arches her back and screams that it hurts her tush. She is hysterical and clearly in pain the entire car ride.

At a friends recommendation I call a chiropractor that does a lot with children. I am hesistant. This is an unfamiliar realm for me (and not a very comfortable one, particularly with my children). The whole experience is not all I wanted it to be, but I went along with it, knowing it would either do no harm (hopefully) or give her some relief.  He does his work and she cries in pain (or fear?). It was a little hard for me.

BUT...afterwards she said she felt better. That was at least a step forward. I put her in her carseat without the slightest fight. In fact, she giggled the entire way home. We get home and she is a whole new child. Happy. Smiling. Playing. Not that she doesn't normally do those things, but she's so clingy and can switch to unhappy in a heartbeat.

We saw only happy Katie tonight. It was such a treat. I pray that this is due to the adustment done today and that she will continue to be this happy Katie. I've missed her so. And so I become a somewhat hesitant believer. If it wasn't so expensive I'd have the whole family adjusted! :)

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Nicole said...

I'm so glad she's okay. When I was young, I started going to a chiropractor for back problems. If you find the right one, it can work wonders! You should see if Dan's insurance covers all or part of it. Most insurance companies do now.