Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Did It...Until "It" Happened...

I did it! Maybe not entirely successfully, but I did it!

The boys' friend had a birthday party at the Y swimming pool. It was either do it alone with all four children, or not go at all. I decided to at least try. The first part is easy, aside from clinging, whiny little girls. The boys had a blast! The swimming part was more tricky. Changing them all into swimsuits. Finding that Joshua grabbed swimming trucks three sizes too big that fall off after a single step. Awesome. Dragging all four children and mommy in her fatty swimsuit through the Y looking for a clothespin...awesome. Finally, we arrive in the pool. I'm informed that all four children must stay together. This is near impossible. The girls can only touch in the wading pool area and are otherwise miserable. The boys have no intention of staying in the wading area with the babies. Thank goodness for our good friend Beth that agreed (to the lifeguards chagrin) to watch the boys with her kids while she was over there. Then "it" happened. I have a previous post about "it" in the bathtub. I have NEVER experienced "it" in the pool. I saw the look on Molly's face, picked her up and "it" all squished up her backside. In an effort not to have to evacuate the whole pool, I quickly (and quietly) grabbed a towel and wrapped her up. Then I had to run back to the pool to grab Katie who was happily playing and not happy to be disturbed.

Needless to say, after dressing myself and the girls, we grabbed the boys, everyone dressed and we headed home. The kids are exhausted, so is mommy. And while I can say I successfully completed the majority of this birthday party....somehow it doesn't feel like a total success. It was more of an icky success. :)

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Juli L. said...

Oh no, that's too funny and yucky all at the same! You are such a brave mom!