Friday, April 22, 2011

Two Years Old *Tear*

My babies are two years old! What happened? Actually, I am totally loving it. They are at a great great age. So much fun...for the most part.

And oh! How they've changed!


1 Year

2 Year

Katie continues to be a spit-fire. That girl keeps me on my toes. If she's happy, she's hilarious. If she's not happy? Look out world! She continues to hate her carseat and screams bloody murder for hours on end if in it. It's enough that the windows have to be opened and surrounding cars look at us like we're torturing her. She loves gum, Elmo, daddy, and baseball. She's still the shy twin. Holds on to mommy more tightly, has a harder time separating. BUT, she'll sleep through the night about 70% of the time. I'll take it!

Molly is a hoot. She is a ham! An outside girl at heart, she will spend hours playing outside and beg not to have to come in. She love fruit snacks, Elmo, daddy, and 'nuggling.' She tells knock knock jokes and cracks me up. While she separates easier and loves to chat with other people, nothing is better than when she runs back to me and wraps her arms around my neck for a big hug.

I can't believe they are growing up. My last babies. I'll keep them babies as long as I can. Except for the sleeping through the night part...that can happen anytime now! 

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