Saturday, April 9, 2011

Riverfront Park

Today we decided to spend some quality time as a family and packed lunches and went to use our season passes at Riverfront Park. The boys are pretty much old enough to go on everything. The girls? It's ridiculous (to me). Things were different and easier with the boys, but they've set new height limits. The girls cannot ride the little airplanes or the tiny train. But they CAN ride the roller coaster and the spider. Awesome. I cannot take them on this little boat (not on water, just pretend boat that swings back and forth) because they must each have an adult. Spectacular. Needless to say, I'm a little peeved. I'll have to have help to go to the park this summer because the girls want to do the rides and all the rides require that I have two adults. Hrmph!

But today was great, because alas, we had two adults! Katie LOVES the roller coaster. Molly does not. Molly LOVES the strawberry spin ride. Both girls are big fans of the carousel. We will spend many hours at the carousel this summer!

Here are some highlights:

Thomas and Molly in the spinning strawberry

Katie, Joshua, and Dan ride the roller coaster

Daddy and Katie ride the little swinging boat

The always awesome carousel...

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Nicole said...

Riverfront park and date night in one day?! Awesome. This looks like a lot of fun!