Friday, April 22, 2011

Pediatrician Friday

Instead of  "Word.less Wed.nesday" or "Flas.hback" I should do "Pediatrician Friday!" (I put the periods in so that anyone searching for those words won't come up with my blog...FYI).

Thomas woke up this morning holding his ear and crying that it hurt. This from the boy that never complained once when we discovered he had pneumonia (we only found out b/c Joshua had pneumonia and they randomly checked Thomas too), the boy that had strep and when asked told us his throat didn't hurt at all. A seriously high pain threshhold. So I knew. Pediatrician Friday is here! It's like we have a standing appointment, they don't even ask any questions, I just let them know we are coming in. :)

Luckily it's just that, an ear infection. I'll spare you the details, but what they pulled out of his ear would have hurt an adult. There were some serious issues going on deep in there. But, now we're on meds and life is good.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! We get bored sometimes! And the nurses just laugh at me as I pull out the spray bottle, comb, and hair ties so I can do the girls' hair during the appointment since we hauled tushie to get there and get to preschool just a tad bit late! Hey, at least everyone was dressed, right?!

AND, this was the first appointment where Thomas did 90% of the talking. I answered the family questions (like yes, we've all had colds, no- he hasn't had a temp, etc). Thomas answered all of the standard, where does it hurt, when did it start, etc. This is huge! I love it!

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