Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Something About Kmart

What is it about Kmart? I might never know.

When the boys were newborns we randomly stopped at Kmart. It was the worst shopping experience ever. From the moment we stepped into the store, Joshua was freaking out. As a newborn. Totally freaking out. Dan eventually left with him and sat in the car.

Repeat one year later. Imagine a one year old freaking out in a shopping cart. Hysterical beyond belief. Another failed shopping venture.

Since then I have not stepped foot inside of Kmart with that kid. Something about that store he cannot handle.

Recently we passed the store and he wanted to go in. I declined stating we'd go another time. Today was the perfect opportunity. We had an errand to run and Kmart became the place to go. Again, years later, from the second we stepped into the store Joshua was losing it.

He never was able to verbalize why he was losing it. I nearly walked out of the store several times. I was never once able to rationalize with him or talk with him. He was just a mess in the basket of the cart, screaming, crying, and carrying on. The minute we walked out of the store he was totally fine.

I'm telling you, there is just something about Kmart. We will not be entering that store with that particular child until I am ready to deal with that exeperience again. It might be several years.


Juli L. said...

That's funny...I wonder what it is about Kmart...must be something though.

Eve Suhling said...

Maybe there are just too many things, it is over-stimulating! It is kind of crazy in there!

Kait T said...

I hate kmart too. They keep their store too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter. It seriously disturbs me and I start feeling panicky.