Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Those Moments

There are some moments when being a mom is hard.

Then there are other moments when being a mom is just the neatest thing ever.

Katie woke up different today. It was easy for me to see. She wasn't physically different, but everything else about her had changed. Katie has been known as our screamer. She screams. All the time. Loudly. Screechingly. It's really hard to listen to all day long. Then today, she figured out how to talk. All the sudden she figured out how to form words with her mouth. She followed Dan around all morning talking to him and asking him questions. "What you do daddy? What you do? Go work now daddy? Go work? Me too? Pease?" It was hilarious.
Molly, always the talker, is just a big girl. She likes "pretties" in her hair. And she likes dresses.
Thomas, my infomercial kid, has the memory of an elephant. He came out of the bathroom with this statement upon seeing that I had purchased new toothpaste: "Mom, you know the Colgate Total you have in the bathroom? It keeps germs away for 12 hours! And if you use the other toothpaste that you use to get, the germs will come back. So, good choice on the Colgate Total."

Joshua, has just been the best big brother lately. He is the main reason the girls talk so much. I'm telling you! And it's not just because Joshua talks nonstop. And by nonstop I mean he breathes maybe twice a minute and he doesn't stop talking for either of those breaths. He will sit with the girls and have them repeat words after him. He will play with them, help them,and love them.

Today was "Doughnuts with dad" day at preschool. Here is a picture of daddy and boys before they left for the event.

These are the moments.I want to remember these moments. Even the car one. I'll look back and laugh at that one too, right?

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