Friday, March 4, 2011

Joshua the Hero

Our weekly trip to McDonald's was a bit more stressful this week. We go once a week with grandpa Bob (and usually grandma Patti). It's routine. But on this particular day, the play area was a zoo. If I was by myself, I would've walked right back out and found somewhere else. But with extra hands and the knowledge that the kids are really comfortable there, we continued to a table and set out to enjoy lunch. My lunch is stopped by the screaming of a child easily identified as Molly. I start to search for her screams. I find her up in a hexagonal part of the structure. She is attempting to get to the slide but blocked by two big(ger) boys. What happens next makes my jaw drop. They surround her and push her back into a corner and begin screaming in her face. She struggles, trying to get away, whilst my blood pressure soars. I attempt to yell at Molly to use her words, I tell her to move, I tell her to let those naughty little boys know she doesn't like it. My passive-aggressive attempt to get those little boys' parents involved fails.

Plan B. I call over Joshua. I point out Molly. I instruct him to get to her as soon as possible. And to save her from these mean boys. He hauls butt up the structure and gets to her in no time (with mass food in mouth as I have interrupted his lunch). I tell him to tell those boys she doesn't like it (they won't let him get to her). No go. I then tell him to shove his way in, grab her, and drag her back through the tubes with him. The good little boy that Joshua is, follows my instructions to the very last word. He shoves his way in, and literally drags her through the netting and tubes to a place where I can help. Those naughty little boys though, follow him and continue to yell in Molly's face as she's drug through the structure to safety.

I then lose my cool and begin telling (loudly) those little boys that a) she doesn't like it, b) they better stop and c) I will come up there myself if they do not stop. Luckily I must've scared them (and I should because my fangs were out!) and they backed off.

But my heart was racing and I was about to go off my rocker. I never did discover who the parents were. I packed up fairly quickly and left out of frustration and knowing that I might really lose my cool if it were to happen again.

But I cannot tell you how proud I was of unconfrontational Joshua. He really stepped up to the plate. To be fair, both boys will save/protect/help their sisters when asked or when needed. But this was a time where there wasn't a lot of explaining, he listened and helped. Thank you Joshua.

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Carissalayla said...

it's alwayas such a bummer when kids start bullying at such a young age, good for you and joshua!