Friday, June 17, 2011

Father of the Year 2011

Last year at this time, Dan was awarded the Spo.kane In.dians Father of the Year award and go to throw out the first pitch.

This year, he won the Superdad of the Year award from an online twins group that I am a part of. He won a $25 gift card to Bu.y.

Here's my essay:

Involved. Loving. Playful. Amazing. Those are the words I use to describe my husband as a father. When the first set of twins arrived Dan was incredible. He could change a diaper just in time to change another. He could thaw breastmilk in record time and get it to the perfect temperature. Listening to him sing to the boys was adorable.

Then, the second set arrived. Somehow, he seamlessly moved into a father of four, (at the time, four kids three and under.) He could deal with newborns, while entertaining the toddlers. I frequently wondered where he hid his cape.

Now, the boys are 5 1/2 and the girls are 2; he has only changed a bit. The wrestling is a bit crazier with four children. The songs are a bit louder. But, he can still change diapers in a wink. He can still calm a crying baby at 2 AM.

Even when deployed or gone for training, he managed to pull the super-dad card. If gone for a longer period of time, we'd 'Skype' before bed and he would read the children a story. When at his civilian job, he will meet me at the doctor's office in an instant; knowing to come just by the sound of my voice.

Loving. (That he loves me.) (Daddy kiss ME!) Playful. (That he rough houses with me.) Fun. (He sleds with me and it is so fun.) Cool. (He wears sunglasses and looks cool.) These are the words (phrases) the children use to describe daddy. I love that they see him in such a positive light. They live for the moment he walks through that door. I should someday look under his jacket, to see where he hides his cape.

Happy Father's Day to the Superdad of the Year! :) Love you honey!

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