Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vacation 2011

What a vacation! We went with the Worthy Family (the girls' godparents for those of you that don't know) and had a blast! We had cabins right next to each other. The kids ran and played. There are so many pictures, I'll try to pick the best.

There was an old out of use gas station that the kids loved. They had freedom to ride their bikes (no cars allowed on campground) back and forth and had an absolute blast.
There were hermit crabs to be found. The kids were collecting bucketfuls and spent hours each day finding them. Thomas had an enormous collection of seashells that we had to dwindle down at the end of our stay.

We played baseball. And by played baseball, I mean that Thomas hit me with the ball leaving a huge welt on my arm. Yes, I was taking pictures instead of playing outfield. But, in my defense, I had warned them that I am a horrible baseball player. (Here is my favorite picture, Jake- age 3- hitting the ball)

We had Smores and campfires. Molly found out that she loves Kyle.
The trip ended with some beautiful sunsets...

Thanks Worthy family! We had a fabulous time!

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