Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Days!!!!!

What a beautiful day! It was a child-led morning. That means we were doing water balloons at 8:45 AM. The kids loved it! Then we did a bath. While the boys waited and cleaned up their playroom, this accidentally occurred.

Yup, our first broken window. Total accident. Oh well.

We then prepared to go to daddy's Guard Picnic out at Cl.ear The packing part is insane. It takes a lot of stuff to get 6 people to the lake for a day. Everything I did, Katie followed me around and undid. Finally we were ready.

It was a glorious day. Beautiful weather (mid-80's), clear skies, and lots of shade!

We found a great spot, got food, the kids played on the play structure (only a stones throw away from our spot, so we could sit and watch all four of them), and had a great time!

The kids decided they wanted to swim (See the boys in the blue hats? They swam WAY OUT!)

Then we went on our first paddle-boating experience.( I will leave out the part where I wait in line for 15 minutes, call the family over when it's our turn, only to realize that Molly has pooped in her swimsuit and it's leaking all over me and I then have to run all the way back to diaper bag and change her and book it back to boat. Forget that part, it really was a great experience). Thomas, daddy, and Katie paddled. Molly, Joshua, and mommy enjoyed the scenery. It was beautiful!

Then we watched the boat races. And by boat races I mean boats made of only cardboard and duct tape. Dan's cousin Tony was in one of the boats, and his squadron had a boat as well. There was lots of cheering! While we watched, Thomas played volleyball on the sand volleyball court (he had been waiting all day for the little kids turn and LOVED IT!)

The day ended at home with some ice cream after a dinner of pot roast (which I started in the crockpot this morning), green beans, and rolls. YUM!
What a great start to summer!!!!!

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