Friday, November 8, 2013

My Mama- Grandma Patti

I try to keep the blog all about the kids. A record of sorts about their childhoods and things I don't want to forget. The things they say, the things we do as a family, etc. But, to some degree, I also want to record events that take place too. Not knowing the journey, not knowing the path, we never know how this will affect us in the end.

My mama, grandma Patti was diagnosed with breast cancer in October. She quickly had surgery to remove the tumor. It was caught very early. The cancer was very small. The prognosis very good. The plan was to remove the tumor, do radiation, and call it good. After surgery they discovered that the cancer had spread to one lymph node. This prompted more conversations. Another test is currently being done (today is November 8th) and the results will be back shortly which will give more information as to whether or not chemo is needed.

We made shirts to support grandma and her fight.

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