Friday, November 8, 2013

Was 2005 Really EIGHT Years Ago??!?!?!?!

But they started so tiny?

And they were such adorable babies and toddlers?

And yet at 8 years old they are so much fun.

Thomas is a sweet kid. You don't always get to see it because he's such a boy. But he's the first to snuggle me, the first to help his sisters, and has such a tender heart. That being said, he's active, a complete goofball, and now understands and applies sarcasm. Oops. ;) He loves soccer, basketball, playing his DS (video games) and playing with friends. He's so social and wants to always be with someone doing something.
Joshua is a sensitive soul. When he makes a friend, he makes a friend for life. He is funny, dramatic, and altogether awesome.  He loves taking civic theater classes (acting), soccer, doing magic and essentially ENTERTAINING! He likes to make people laugh!
As always, they each got to pick a theme for a party.
Thomas chose pokemon. I made pokemon cupcakes for the party at the base. There were FORTY-FIVE people at the party. And it went without a hitch. We were able to let the boys invite whomever they wanted and it showed us that they have some really great friends!
For the family party Joshua chose Harry Potter (we read the first book and watched the movie recently). Many people came to the party and the kids had a great time.


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