Friday, June 11, 2010

Breaking the Rules

This week has been all about Joshua breaking the rules.

It started off on Tuesday morning. Joshua wandered down the stairs, came right beside my head, and started retching and gagging. I immediately yelled at Dan that he was going to puke (as I was nursing a baby) and Dan jumped up, "STOP!" (like that was going to work) and rushed Joshua to the bathroom. We have a serious no puking rule in this house. Neither Dan nor myself can handle we appreciate it never coming here. We make minor exceptions, and figured this once we'd let it pass. Unfortunately it continued. Every 12-ish hours Joshua would have a barfing session with daddy. Only once did Dan make me try to deal with it and he quickly relieved me when I started gagging too. I soooooo can't handle puke.

Today (Friday) we finally hit the 24-hour puke free mark. Hooray! Joshua again, decided to attempt to break the rules. Each child is allowed one set of stitches, Joshua has already had his. He decided to see if he could break two rules in one week. While playing "turtle" (using a pillowcase as a shell), my not so coordinated child fell face first into the dresser. I'll admit, I said a naughty word (more like yelled it) when I saw the blood start seeping out. I rushed him to the kitchen (smearing blood all over our floors) and got a paper towel to apply pressure. I immediately called grandma Patti (THANK YOU GRANDMA) and asked her to haul butt over here....which she did. If it did not stop bleeding, there was no way I could continue to apply pressure and load all children into the car without causing myself great distress. A call was also made to daddy who made the mad dash home as well.

Another call to uncle Adam to confirm he was at work at the Emergency Room (PHEW). Joshua and mommy made the trip alone to the ER and got assessed. Uncle Adam was ready to do stitches (knowing Joshua's tendencies to fall), the Dr decided we'd stick with glue. I was really alright with either option. I worry the glue will not be strong enough for Joshua's lack of coordination, so we'll see! A big thanks to Uncle Adam for the help as well. THANK YOU UNCLE ADAM! It calms my heart to have my big brother watching over my son. I couldn't ask for more.

Ok, I could ask for more. No more breaking rules, right kids?!

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