Saturday, June 5, 2010

Don't Give Your Kid Candy and Then Put Him on the Sizzler...Just A Warning

Yesterday was one of those days. A day you put a tally on the "loss" side and move on hoping you get a "win" tomorrow. The girls decided yesterday that naps are for sissies. After 90 minutes of crying, I decided to skip morning nap (so we didn't totally screw up the daily schedule) and head to Costco. Unfortunately for me, in the rush to get out the door, I forgot my purse. Had to load up all the kids back in the car and run back home to grab it. UGH! Worried about meltdowns due to lack of sleep, I called mom and she came up and met me. The kids did amazingly during Costco and we enjoyed many many great samples! After a nice hotdog lunch, we headed home for nap attempt number two. 90 minutes of crying later, naptime was again called quits. So frustrating! I finally decided to chalk it up to a loss and throw in the towel. Despite the rain, outside we went. The best choice I ever made. I should know better by now. Kids don't care if it's raining. We played for nearly 2 hours in the rain. I made millions of trips with hot water and filled up the pool creating a kid hot tub.

I decided that since the girls had had such a rough day and the boys had been doing so well, that I'd take them for a real treat. We went to an IMAX movie while daddy stayed home with the girls. Joshua, for the first time, did great! We've been working on how to protect his ears as he HATES loud noises. I brought him ear plugs this time and halfway through he took them out and proclaimed it wasn't too loud anymore. Woo hoo! We each got our treats for the movie, Thomas had Sweet Tarts, Joshua a licorice rope and I had M&M's. After the movie, we saw the rides were open and since there were no babies with us, we took advantage of all three of us being able to go on rides for once! So much fun! We did bumper cars! SO MUCH FUN! Then we went on the Sizzler. It was fantastic until the last 10 seconds.

Then Thomas started turning green. Oops, I had forgotten about all that candy I'd allowed them to eat. So rare and such a great treat (and trust me, I didn't let them finish all the candy). I immediately got him out and ran him to the garbage can. He spent about 30 minutes grabbing his belly and complaining. We drove home (he fell asleep in the car), got home and ate crackers, and he decided he was once again fine. PHEW!

Memo: Do not feed your kids candy and then put them on the Sizzler. This is a BAD combination!

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