Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Day IT Happened

Ever have one of those days? A day you can say IT happened. Well I can. IT happened here today. The day started off innocently enough. We lounged and cleaned, we went to lunch with grandma and grandpa. We had a nice and peaceful rest time. We even had a mega-choking incident (including a small Molly turning purple and a freaking out mommy pounding the poor baby on her back), a little playing in the mud to remedy the crying from the choking situation...and then IT happened...

Dinner was completed, the boys and mommy had cookies to make. So the girls were given fairly empty cartons of milk with a straw (something they are fairly use to). What they did, of course, was pour the milk upside down and then splash it everywhere. This resulted in mommy again freaking out and quickly trying to clean up the mess. Bathtime was declared.

Molly's diaper off and sent in the direction of the bathtub. Katie's diaper off and sent in the direction of the bathtub. Molly pees on the floor. CRAP! A quick towel thrown on the floor. Bath water running. Molly pees on the floor AGAIN! CRAP! Another towel thrown on the floor. Life is good, babies and toys in tub, boys playing nicely in the playroom....aaahhhhh....the joy of bathtime. Then IT happened. Katie grunted.

You can very well figure out what happened next. I lift her up to see a pile of poop under her and floating in the water. The girls are begrudgingly pulled from the tub. An emergency is declared. The bathroom is put in lockdown. All people are rushed down the stairs.

I nicely placed a phone call to Dan warning him not to come home and to turn around, turn around NOW! He, unfortunately for him, misses the message and appears at the door. He gets bath duty downstairs while I get bathtub duty upstairs.

This is the day IT happened. And it will continue to be etched in my mind as the day IT happened.

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