Monday, June 28, 2010

The Days of Summer

Finally. These are the days of summer. We are exploring different parks, BBQ-ing with friends and family, and spending all day outside playing in the sun. I love these days! Here are some photos from our summer thus far:

The boys are well-versed in why we wear hats in the sun (in case you don't know, Joshua has a LARGE hairy mole on his head that is at a higher risk for skin cancer). Joshua, however, forgot to change seasons, and is still wearing his winter hats. Still super cute!

Katie is very impressed with herself and loves the splash pads!

Today was one of those typical busy summer days. We had breakfast with grandpa Bob, had a gloriously quiet nap time and then spent the better part of the afternoon at a local park. The kids had an absolute blast. It was so hot! The park has a big sand pit with water in it. The pit is huge! As you can see, all kids were filthy!

Following an afternoon rest time, we ran to my parents and had a BBQ and some great family time. Grandma found a guitar for the boys and they were more than thrilled. The boys (and girls) played in the hot tub and just couldn't get enough!

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