Friday, June 18, 2010

One of the Worst Days EVER!

Wow. I am so happy this day is over. It might be a bad idea to blog about these kinds of days, but I'm hoping someday I'll look back and laugh.

It started with my wake up call coming from the girls at 4 AM. After two hours of trying to get them back to sleep, I gave up. Katie decided to further my distress by immediately seeking out a piece of gum and chewing it. Upon this discovery, I grabbed for it and she put it in her hair for safety.Unfortunately for all of us, this was bad. Of all kids, she's the one I DON'T want with gum. I sat and picked the gum out of her hair piece by piece. So frustrating. Joshua decided to add to it further by throwing the biggest fit of his lifetime. First because I would not give him cake for breakfast and then more because I didn't have any oatmeal in the house. He was put in the girls' room and then moved himself into the bathroom as he started retching. During this escapade, Molly opened up every single craft drawer, forcing it to the little cabinet to fall over on her and spilling the contents. ARG!!!!

The day continued with hysteria and frustration. We went to a concert at River.front Park only to find it cancelled, but walked through mounds of goose poop. We came home to a rest time that did not happen, nor did naps for the girls. Some outside time which included Joshua getting a gate slammed into his face causing a big bruise and scrape and requiring ice, and Amber watching 7 kids in the backyard and settling mass squabbles.

I'm going to consider this day over. O-V-E-R. Done. Let's start again tomorrow.

**On a funny note, this is what I posted on

Amber Domrese is wondering what I considered a "bad day" before I had kids. Did I not get TWELVE hours of sleep? Did my cereal not taste right? I only say that as Katie put gum in her hair this morning (GUM! Where did she find GUM?!), Molly tipped the craft drawers over on to herself spilling all paints, pencils, etc all over, Joshua threw the biggest fit I've ever seen because 1) I wouldn't let him eat cake for breakfast, and 2) We don't have oatmeal. Seriously. I've been up since 4 AM!

And got this hilarious response:

Matt Kohlhauff: I hope your status tomorrow doesn't go like this: "I can't believe I thought yesterday was a bad day!" "Katie lit the kitchen on fire, (FIRE! Where did she learn how to do that?!), Molly knocked a tree on to the house - ruined - Joshua threw a fit because he couldn't eat Katie for breakfast and Thomas invented cold fusion in the living room... THE LIVING ROOM!"

Thanks for putting it into perspective Matt! :)

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