Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dental Support

Ever need dental support?

This week was the boys dental check-up. Thomas, a pro, has no hesitation and went first. Joshua, the more timid of the two went next. Joshua has issues with the flavored gel that goes in his mouth. Even the strawberry is spicy to him. Can't blame the kid, he comes by his flavor issues naturally. You could tell as he laid back in his seat that he was anxious. Thomas immediately leaned over Joshua with a hand on his chest and talked to him soothingly. "Don't worry Joshua, it won't hurt."And everytime Joshua started to get a little tense, Thomas would lean over him and attempt to soothe him and make him feel better. Lucky for Joshua, he discovered that they had a new flavor, his favorite, rootbeer!

It was just neat to watch the boys connect and watch Thomas comfort his brother. I knew it would look pathetic if I started crying, so I quickly looked away and got distracted.

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