Saturday, May 15, 2010

We Wanna Be In A Parade!

The boys have been asking to be in a parade. What better place than a town of 300 that lets the kiddies go first and then has the parade with tons of candy?! That's right people, Gar.field, Washing.ton the town where I grew up. The boys were so excited. We put streamers on their bikes and they wore their costumes. Dan pulled the wagon with the girls (not planned, but requested once we got there). Then we stood and watched the parade while the boys got pelted with candy. Afterwards we went to the park for some fun and games. By the time we left we were all totally exhausted and feeling like we'd had a pretty good day!

Our day did in fact continue with some gardening. The weather was beautiful, the kids played outside, and our garden is now planted! Woo hoo!

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