Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mommy Made A Poor Choice

Apparently mommy's make poor choices too. Today was one of those crazy mornings trying to get all kids fed, get Thomas' favorite pants dried for school, and get us all out of the house on time. In the midst of it all, Katie found the bin where we recycle cans and dumped pop on her head. This provided us with a non-time efficient, not planned bathtime. First the girls were bathed, and while the boys bathed I dressed the girls. Then I gated the stairs, shut the bathroom door and ran downstairs to grab the boys' clothes off the couch.

The girls must have watched me turn the corner to go down the stairs and then bolted towards the bathroom. With some teamwork apparently the girls were able to get the door open (it's not latched it jars shut) and climb into the bathtub with the boys...fully clothed. This is what happens when mommy makes a poor choice.

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The Butterfields said...

I'd like to say that hasn't happened at our house, but I'd be lying. Badly lying! Emma used to climb in the tub at any chance, water or not. Plus in our master bath, the tub is just out of reach of the toilet, and she would wait for Jay to go in, and then sneak in behind him and stay just out of his reach, and climb right in. She also did it to my dad and my sister when they were running baths and walked away for a minute. :)