Monday, May 10, 2010

Adventures with Joshua

The adventures at the Domrese household just continue!

Today's adventure features a little boy with a very dear heart. He went to the backyard to grab a bike assuming a ride was in order. The poor little boy put his foot on the pedal and in some misappropriation got his leg wedged between the pedal and the bar leading to the wheel. The leg was stuck beyond belief. The mommy, the neighbor kid's mommy and all children surrounded to find a solution. Tools were grabbed. Babies making a run for the street (and nearly succeeding) were grabbed. The cell phone was grabbed. After some pieces were removed, the boy was in even more discomfort as the leg swelled against the bars it was stuck between. The poor boy wailed as his leg was moved to and fro in an attempt to remove it. Increasing panic led a call out for another neighbors assistance. A failed attempt. A call to daddy meant that help was finally on the way. And then across the neighboring fence leapt the neighbor, hearing the calls of distress. Many more tears, many more screams, many more escaping babies and finally FINALLY the boy was freed. His leg showed scrapes and scuffs where tools had nicked him in the freeing attempts. The other side of the leg showed a painful indentation where the leg had been wedged. And yet, the boy was free. Many thanks were given, many sighs of relief to be had, and the boy, our dear Joshua, went on to play with other toys that cause less injury.

And so our adventures continue in the Domrese household. Another day, another adventure.

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