Wednesday, May 26, 2010

13 Months...ALREADY?

Zoom...and May just flew by! The girls went from being these little babies just a year old to toddlers running all over the place in just one swift month!
Overall, life is getting easier and easier. The girls are on more of a schedule (but still flexible, which is fantastic), they are eating more solid food and nursing less (baby food is a thing of the long past), and they are sleeping better and better at night!

Katie is a little go-getter. She no longer walks, but runs everywhere. She's super headstrong and has quiet the little temper. She knows several words: mama, dada, Joshua, Thomas, flower and dinosaur. She has just a few teeth and loves brushing them! Katie is still a mama's girl but is getting better about other people and visiting them even if only for moments.

Molly is little Miss Social. She loves to visit with people and talks to everyone. Still quite the daddy's girl though, no one makes her happier. She has four teeth, but four more are currently on their way in. She's walking and very very methodical about it. Right foot....left foot....right foot....She has several words as well: mama, dada, Joshua, Tara (our neighbor), nose, no-no, dog, and Karl (our neighbors dog). Another little girl with a temper, she is not going to be swayed from what she wants when she wants it. And if she is tired, she will melt into a little puddle until put to bed (this resulted in an 8:30 AM nap this morning instead of waiting until the typical 10 AM).

Speaking of which, Katie is now up from nap, so off I go!

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Eve Suhling said...

Beautiful pictures Amber, they are so sweet!