Monday, November 22, 2010


Snow is here! Ask the boys and they'll tell you how excited they are. Sunday looked like this. We didn't yet have snowboots or gloves, so we improvised. The boys played outside for a bit and had a great time.

Molly hates the snow and is scared of it. She did allow me to put her snowsuit on (which is more than Katie would let me do) and went out with daddy for a moment.

Today, Monday, we woke up to even more snow! The boys were beside themselves. After preschool we found some boots and gloves and the boys imediately went outside. Then they spent the afternoon outside with the neighbor boys and had a blast.

Here's the fort they built with the neighbor kiddos. And I say that loosely, I'm sure it was more that the neighbor boys put up with them...but they did it nicely!

After Dan and grandma Patti arrived, the boys and I ran to the 'bread store' (Franz Outlet) down the street to get some garlic bread. Our mode of transportation? Sled. They were so happy to be pulled in the sled. I got my workout in and we made good time!

We are currently in a 'blizzard' so the conditions outside are a little nuts. The wind is biting and the snow is coming down. Three to six more inches expected. I'd love to see if I can get all the kids outside tomorrow provided it's not too cold!!!!

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