Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snowy Days Continue so cold! Of course, right when I make a deal with myself to get outside with the kids every single day, the highs don't go above 10 degrees. Of course! Luckily, I have two hard-core five-year olds that love to go outside and force the issue! It's a lot of work getting everyone dressed, ready, and happily outside. Especially since Molly and Katie hate the cold, wearing clothes, and snow in general. Here are some pictures of our snow days!

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Kim said...

You are way more on top of this then I am! Preston asked to go out the first day but we didn't have snow boots and now that we have them he has no desire to go outside because it's soooooo cold! And since I am more than happy to stay inside, I've just been going with it! Maybe I'll send him over to your house when he decides he's ready to tough it out and go outside and freeze! :)