Saturday, November 13, 2010

Update--- Did You Ever Want This Much Potty Knowledge?!

Day 3 of potty-training and I have to admit I'm really impressed with our little girl! Katie has had maybe three accidents in the last three days. The accidents are generally due to her being put down for a nap and her refusing to take one. She then pees all over in anger. She's even attempting to #2 on the potty too! She has made it halfway successful so far, but I am hoping she's learning those cues.

We even went out to dinner tonight and she went potty three times! Ok ok, so she ran to the bathroom with her pants around her ankles, but it's still cute when you're under 2! ;) Molly even ran for a potty stop at the restaurant (unsuccessfully, but hey, she's trying!).

I'm crossing my fingers that this sticks. It would be so great! Although my predictions would come true that they are potty-trained before they are weaned and that would make me look bad.

Here are a few photos just to make you happy!

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