Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yup, I Caved...

I finally gave in. That girl wore me down. Little Katie (now officially 18 months old) has been showing signs of wanting to potty train for months now. I have absolutely no interest in potty training a little one that can't even say the word 'potty' yet. She can't even verbally tell me she has to go!!!

However, for the past week if I put her down for a nap and she's not that tired, she'll take off her diaper and pee in resistance. Thanks Katie. But, if I put her to bed tired, she will immediately take off her diaper and will 90% of the time wake up dry. Amazing!

So today, I went in to do laundry and while I was switching out loads, she was stripping down. She came to me and I could see her legs were wet. I asked her if she peed and asked her to show me where (meanwhile grabbing my bag of cleaning supplies). She led me directly to her little potty. She had taken the initiative to pee in her own little potty. This was huge! She was sooooo proud. We celebrated and had potty treats.

Throughout the day she continued to NOT have accidents, although she didn't really pee on the potty either. Maybe she's holding it? She went one more time on the potty, once in her crib (darn rebellion) and once in her diaper (I forced her to wear one while picking up the boys from preschool). we go. We're likely to waver back and forth as I'm not willing to push her. But with a long weekend ahead, why not give her the chance, right? We'll see!

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