Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Wedding Day!

Dan's cousin, Corey, got married this weekend just outside of Leavenworth. Dan's always viewed Corey as more of a brother than a cousin, and was a groomsman in the wedding. He left on Thursday to do boy stuff and left on Friday with the kids. I tried to plan every detail possible so the 4 hour car ride was manageable.
The trip over was easier than I had expected. We left early and stopped in Moses Lake around lunch time to stretch legs and do a baby feeding. We met up with a college friend, Heidi, and all the kids played and had a fantastic time. Can you believe we have 7 kids between the 2 of us?!
The only hairy part of the drive was Katie's hour long crying jag from Wenatchee on. Once we arrived to the wedding destination, we picked up Dan and ran to our cabin to shower, change, and stretch. This cabin was fantastic! We could've shared it with Dan's parents and sister and had plenty of room. We found it at: in case you are wondering! :) The boys had a blast at the rehearsal dinner and spent most of their time playing pool. I got some baby free time and even socialized with other adults a bit!!!

The wedding wasn't until 5:00 Saturday, so we spent the morning as a family. I took the boys down to the beach in front of our cabin. The water was chilly, but we had fun throwing rocks. The boys then enjoyed hot tubbing with Dan, and I put the girls in their swimsuits for a full 5 minutes and a hot tub shot! :) Dan went to a tea and did pictures while I stayed behind. The girls and boys decided to then vcry for the next 3 hours...ugh. I finally dressed them in their nice clothes and drove for an hour and then did my makeup and hair in the car while they all slept. The great things we do as moms. The wedding itself was beautiful. The boys got to play with cousins (Dan's cousins kids really, but we just say cousins to keep it easy). The girls did fantastic and we got some great shots!

This morning, we got up early and went to brunch with the wedding party and then headed back home. After a brief nursing stop at a gas station in Wenatchee (I'm sure everyone else filling up with gas wasn't too impressed), and a longer stop in Moses Lake, we made it home in only 5 hours! :) Everyone is exhausted and happy to be home. The girls have had a bath and are currently crashed (Molly on my chest and Katie in the swing). The boys are picking raspberries at grandmas and will be home shortly and be off to bed.

All in all, a fun weekend with some great pictures. In two weeks, we're off to Nate's wedding (my gradeschool chum) in Yakima sans Dan. Good thing I've got this under my wing as a trial run!

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